Bahram Qassemi

Iran boasts ‘constructive’ ties with Algeria

IRNA – Tehran says it’s enjoying cordial relations with Algiers, whose revolution inspired ‘fights against colonial powers’.

Iran says its relations with Algeria are ‘positive and constructive’ at all levels which have resulted in signing some 70 memoranda of understanding (MoUs) between the two countries.

‘Iran and Algeria are in constant talks and consultations about bilateral ties, regional and international issues,’ Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi, told IRNA when asked about the level of ties between Tehran and Algiers.

The two countries’ Foreign Ministry officials meet constantly and frequently, added Qasemi who highlighted that Algerian Cultural Exhibition is held annually in Iran as well.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson stressed ‘a bright future’ for the countries’ bilateral relations ‘given the history of their ties and the two nations’ interests’.

Qasemi went to emphasize historical ties between Iran and North African state, saying ‘Iranians, especially intellectuals, university students and those involved in Iran’s political struggles, have been seriously following the developments in Algeria especially following the nation’s struggles to be liberated.’

‘The Algerian revolution inspired fights against colonial powers in the 50s and 60s,’ mentioned the official , referring to the Algerian War of Independence against France that led to the Arab country to become independent from then colonial power in 1962 by ‘offering the lives of a million martyrs’.

He called freedom and independence main achievements of the Algerian Revolution. However, he highlighted ‘improvement of Algerians’ lives’ and the important steps that Algerian authorities took to provide basic needs such as housing, health and education for the country’s population.