American paper advises Trump to interact with Iran

IRNA – Hard-line advisers to the US president seek to isolate and weaken Iran, but ‘engagement is a better option’, an American newspaper wrote on Monday.

According to the New York Times, since John Limbert along with other American diplomats were taken hostage following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran and the US have adopted a hostile approach towards each other, but under the current US president they have severed relations even more.

‘The United States and Iran are so hostile one wonders whether they will be enemies forever,’ the New York Times said.

The American paper noted Limbert has been seeking to help Americans to better understand Iran, but he considers Iran-US relations far dangerous than ever, and both countries put the blame on the other side.

Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from a landmark nuclear deal which was signed between Iran and the world powers in July 2015 took the enmity between Iran and the US to a whole new level.

The Trump administration reinstated all the sanctions which were lifted under the accord in an attempt to put Iran under pressure.

Iran, on the other hand, has been committed to its obligations under the deal and it has time and again said and proved that its nuclear activities are peaceful and only for defense purpose.