Ambassador: Iran supports formation of Lebanese government

IRNA – Iran’s ambassador in Beirut Mohammad-Jalal Firouznia said on Tuesday that Iran supports the formation of a new government in Lebanon at the earliest by Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Firouznia made the remarks while speaking to reporters after a meeting in Beirut with Hariri where they discussed different regional and bilateral issues.

The meeting came a day after US Under Secretary of State David Hale made anti-Iran claims after a meeting with the Lebanese prime minister.

Hale had blamed Iran of providing support for what he called terrorist groups. He put Lebanon’s Hezbollah in the list of terrorist groups.

The Americans make every effort to pretend that they are seeking security and stability in the region but no one in the region believes their claims, the Iranian ambassador said.

“Our region, particularly during the tenure of Trump as US president, has been suffering from wrong and illogical policies of the US,” Firouznia said, adding that the Americans have always destabilized the region with their interventionist and aggressive policies.