US dreams to stir protests in Iran not to come true

MNA – Chief of Staff of Iranian President Mahmoud Vaezi said Americans were looking forward to anti-government rallies in 13 Aban Day (November 04, 1379) which is the anniversary of US embassy takeover, however their dreams did not come true.

“President Rouhani and his government are after establishing constructive economic, political, cultural and social relatins with other countries, especially the neighbors, in order to pace the development of the country and pave the way for a better life for the people” said Mahmoud Vaezi on Sunday night at a meeting with representatives of political parties, political groups and political activists in Golestan province.

Referring to US president as a person who has challenged the entire international system, unilaterally withdrawing from many international treaties honored by former US presidents, he said “we must stand against the conspiracies of the US government by maintaining vigilance and consolidating unity and empathy; we must protect the principles, interests and independence of our country, and we must note that at this sensitive time, we need more than ever unity and solidarity more than ever.