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Polish Charge d’Affaires summoned over upcoming anti-Iran conf.

An entrance to the Iranian Foreign Ministry

MNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned Polish Charge d’Affaires to voice protest over the hosting of an anti-Iran, so-called ‘peace and security in Middle East’ conference by US and Poland in February.

In a statement on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Ministry noted that Polish Charge d’Affaires Wojciech Unolt has been summoned on Jan. 12 to receive the Islamic Republic’s note of protest over an anti-Iran conference to be jointly hosted by the US and Poland on 13-14 February in Warsaw.

During the meeting, head of the Eastern Europe First office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the Islamic Republic’s protest over the holding of the conference by the Polish side in cooperation with the United States, adding “this is a hostile move by the United States against the Islamic Republic of Iran and Poland is expected to refrain from co-sponsoring the conference with the US.”

The Polish Charge d’Affaires offered some explanations about the conference, stressing that the conference is not anti-Iran, and that Poland’s positions are different from the recent remarks made by American officials.

The Iranian diplomat, for his part, deemed the explanations ‘insufficient’, and stressed the need for an immediate compensatory action by the Polish government; “otherwise, the Islamic Republic will have no other option but to take countermeasures.”

Referring to the historical relations between the two countries, Poland’s Charge d’Affaires stated that he would convey the message of the Iranian government to the relevant authorities in Poland.

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