Iran natural gas output at 800 mcm/d

MNA – Iran’s natural gas output currently stands at 800 million cubic meters per day, a senior energy official said Saturday.

The National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) CEO Hassan Montazer Torbati added that 97% of the country’s urban population and 82% of the citizens in rural areas are now linked to the national gas distribution network which is one of the world’s most expansive ones.

Montazer Torbati noted that of the total produced gas, some 25% goes to household consumption, 37% is supplied to the power plants, 30% is used in the industry sector, 4% used as CNG and 4% is for other consumptions.

Saying that Iran has reached self-sufficiency in production of most of the items used in gas refining and distribution industries, the official highlighted the significance of gas exports, which could ensure amicable relations with the neighboring states.

The NIGC CEO further predicted that all the Iranian villages would have access to gas by 2021, stating that villages with more than 20 households aer prioritized to be covered by the gas distribution network.

The official said Iran is ready to start the gas flow to Pakistan, adding, “We are prepared to start the exports but we are waiting for the Pakistani part to prepare the infrastructure for the project to complete.”

Regarding the current gas exports to Iraq, the official said Iran was currently exporting gas to Iraq’s Basra and Baghdad and received its dues accordingly.

He also said that Iran does not need any gas imports at present, adding a dispute with Turkmenistan regarding the latter’s disruption of gas flow to Iran’s northern provinces has been taken to international arbitration, and the case is being pursued through relevant legal channels.

Pointing to gas exports to Turkey, Montazer Torbati said that both Tehran and Ankara are keen on continuation of their gas deals give the former’s intentions to send gas to Europe through Turkey and the latter’s rising demand for gas.