Deputy Minister: Iran to bypass oil sanctions

IRNA – Deputy Petroleum Minister Amir Hossein Zamani nia said on Sunday that during sanctions era maintaining the market status will not be easy, but fortunately Iran has found access to shadow markets to bypass economic sanctions in order to export its oil. 

Addressing an audience in the 13th annual conference on union exporters of oil, gas and petrochemical products, he said ‘we are now experiencing an imbalanced economic war and maintaining the market status under such circumstances will not be easy but some developments have surprised us’.

Every day five to six purchasers come to ‘us and I forward them to international affairs department at Iran’s national oil company, in fact we have found access to some shadow markets, but I prefer not to disclose them as the enemy will misuse such information’, he said.

‘We are not in a bad situation and are determined to deal with sanctions with much strength and we will be winner of this war,’ he said.