Amnesty Int’l urges probe into Saudi journo murder

IRNA – The Amnesty International campaign manager in Turkey called for international probe into murdering the Saudi prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“The murder of Khashoggi, which happened before the eyes of the whole world, should also be the subject of an international investigation,” the Turkish media ‘Anadolu Agency’ quoted Goksu Ozahishali as saying.

“Turkish authorities, who initiated an investigation into the aftermath of Khashoggi case, found out that he was strangled and then dismembered. Body of the violently murdered Khashoggi is yet to be found,” she added.

“With this symbolic activity, we are reiterating our demand of justice for Khashoggi.”

She went on to say that “as Amnesty International, we once again urge for the start of an independent UN investigation into the Khashoggi murder and torture, and other crimes, and violations committed during the murder.”

“We don’t believe that the Saudi authorities, who initiated a show investigation into the murder, will conduct a fair and reliable process,” Ozahishali reiterated.

Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi veteran writer and journalist entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October second to collect paperwork for his forthcoming marriage but disappeared there.

After 18 days of silence and rejecting claims that Khashoggi was killed, the Saudi government finally bowed down to international pressure on October 20th and claimed in a statement the prominent journalist was killed in a fist-fight inside Istanbul consulate.

All evidence suggests 15 Saudi agents with close ties to the crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman who were deployed to Istanbul are in charge of killing Khashoggi and dismembering his body.

The Turkish government urges the extradition of these people to be brought to justice.