Iranian scholar: US had no way but to exempt Chabahar from sanctions

IRNA – The fact that the US has exempted Iran’s port of Chabahar from the sanctions imposed against Iran indicates the significance of the port, its global impact and its benefits to the US, Netherlands Leiden University instructor said in Tehran on Wednesday.

At a workshop regarding the Iranian southern port city of Chabahar and regional cooperation hosted by the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Tehran, Mohammad Bagher Foroukh said Chabahar is Iran’s only oceanic port where giant ships can dock.

In Iran’s foreign policy the focus is on political and security issues while geographic and economic capabilities of the country should also be taken into account, he went on to say.

‘The advances made by China and India, and the position Iran enjoys as the world’s crossroads has resulted in these countries and in particular India’s interest in Iran’s Chabahar port,’ he added.

The Leiden University instructor said as a super power, the US is on the decline and China is emerging as a key power, adding regional countries such as Iran and Turkey cannot be ignored.

Foroukh said internationalization requires transit routes and if Iran wants to become active internationally, it should pay more attention to the issue and Chabahar as Iran’s only oceanic port has considerable importance in this regard.