Australia keen on creating direct sea line with Iran

IRNA – Australian Ambassador to Iran Ian Biggs says there is currently no direct sea line between Iran and Australia, and Australia wants to establish a direct sea line with Iran in order to expand economic cooperation.

In a joint meeting with managers of Iran’s Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) in Qeshm on Monday, Biggs said, ‘With regard to the distance between the two countries, economic exchanges must be made by sea, by creating a specific mechanism and establishing a joint port.”

Deputy Director of IDRO Mohammad Nouri Amiri also said that the organization aims to complete the value chain in the process of industrial development with the aim of promoting and empowering industrial units.

Nouri Amiri added, ‘In this regard, the creation of a full process of industrial development is one of the goals of the IDRO, which requires the production of export products and the optimization of the supply of raw materials that will facilitate the field of industry on the agenda.”

The Australian ambassador to Iran also emphasized on the determination of his country to develop more trade and industrial relations with Iran.

He added, ‘It is hoped that in the near future, in meeting between the capable Australian and Iranian companies, a three-party dialogue will be provided.’