2 Iran-made satellites pass initial tests

Financial Tribune – Two Iran-made satellites have passed pre-launch tests and are ready for launch.

The satellites ‘Dousti’ and ‘Payam’ (respectively friendship and message in Persian), are to be used to assist water, agriculture and environment management, YJC reported.

Head of Iran Space Agency, Morteza Barari says, “The satellites will monitor geological and environmental indicators, and present reports that should contribute to efficient management of water resources, farming and protection of the environment.”

Dousti is a micro-class 52-kilogram satellite which will orbit the Earth at altitudes between 250 km and 310 km.

Payam, a 90kg non-military satellite will be sent into a 500km orbit using the Simorgh satellite-carrier rocket. Payam will conduct imagery and telecommunication tasks.

In 2009, Iran put into orbit its first locally made data processing satellite named Omid (hope).