Pakistan standing by Iranians brothers in securing Indian Ocean

ISNA – Pakistan’s Peace and Friendship fleet docked in the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas and its commander along with his accompanying crew met with the governor of Hormozgan.

The governor of Hormozgan, Fereydoon Hemmati said in the meeting, “Interactions and exchanging of thoughts and experiences between Iranian and Pakistani navies will bring good results and achievements for both countries”.

He added, “By cooperation with each other, the Muslim countries of the region will be able to provide the security of the region without the need for transregional forces”.

Mentioning to the presence of the foreign forces in the region, Fereydoon Hemmati stated, “The presence of such forces is aimed at creating divisions among regional countries which we must annihilate the ominous plot through more interactions and cooperation”.

Pakistan’s Peace and Friendship fleet commander Admiral Mohammad Salem, for his part, said, “The Pakistani Navy provided an idea for the security of the Indian Ocean”.

“We hope the naval forces of Iran will cooperate with the navy of Pakistan to implement the plan,” he added.

Admiral Salem stated that the people of Pakistan consider Iran their second homeland and they respect Iran a lot.

The Pakistan’s Peace and Friendship fleet, comprised of PNS Khaibar, PMSS Zhob, PNS Madadgar and PNS Rah Naward, docked in the 1st zone of Naval Force of the Iranian Army on Sunday for a friendly four-day visit to further improve military relations and good neighborliness between the two countries.