Iranian researchers develop know-how to produce new anti-cancer drug

FNA – Iranian scientists at the Chemistry College of Urmia University developed the know-how to produce Busulfan anti-cancer medicine.

“Production of the drug was monopolized by the US and France and given the fact that it was an expensive import, the medicine was rare in the Iranian market,” Nader Norouzi, a faculty member of Urmia University, said on Saturday.

He added that the researchers at Urmia University could develop the know-how to produce Busulfan drug with very high degree of purity after months of efforts, noting that it is used to treat patients with chronic myeloid leukemia.

Busulphan (Busulfex) is a cancer drug, in use since 1959. It is a cell cycle non-specific alkylating antineoplastic agent, in the class of alkyl sulfonates.

Iran has made huge progress in different sciences and technologies in recent years.

Iran’s Biotechnology Development Council announced last month that according to the plans of the research and development body, its subsidiary companies would introduce 43 biopharmaceuticals and 25 anti-cancer drugs by 2020.

Chairman of the Biotechnology Development Council of Iran Mostafa Qaneyee said that by 2020, 43 biopharmaceuticals and 25 anti-cancer drugs will be produced by companies supported by the Council.

He said Iran ranked first in biotechnology advances in the region, and planned to take the 10th ranking in the world and obtain 3% share of the global biotechnology market by 2025.

According to him, the Council’s priority areas for development are food industry, animal and human vaccines, veterinary, environment, biopharmaceuticals, agriculture, advanced medicine and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Qaneyee further announced the launching of a biofuel project in the country.