Iran oil exports at sufficient level: Veep

SHANA — The Iranian First Vice President said that the United States was trying to choke up Iran’s oil exports as the main source of revenue for the country, but, “fortunately we have so far been able to sell oil as much as we needed and have collected its revenues.”

Eshaq Jahangiri, yesterday (Saturday, January 5), in a meeting of the executives of shipping companies, stated that the enemies were trying to identify and impose sanctions on the main sources of the Iranian revenues to put pressure on people’s lives.

“The most important target of Americans is the flow of goods imported into the country, from the raw materials and staple commodities needed by the people,” he said.

The first vice president said: “The United States is trying to stop the country’s most important source of revenue, that is crude oil exports, and intended to bring to zero Iran’s oil exports, in which they have failed with the help of God.”

Jahangiri stated that the amount of non-oil exports was high enough that the country could be run by the generated revenue.