38,000 tons of Iranian alloy steel products exported

IRNA – Managing Director of Iran Alloy Steel Company says 38,000 tons of this product has been exported in the nine months of this Iranian year (starts in March 21) with a value of about 20 million Euros.

Alireza Chaychi on Saturday in Yazd, referring to the twentieth anniversary of the company’s founding, noted steel alloy was launched in 1998 as a state-owned with production capabilities of 118 grids and a capacity of 140,000 metric tons.

He added, ‘Using domestic experts’ capabilities, the company’s annual alloy steel and parts production capacity increased to over 500,000 tons and 350 grids of various sizes.’

Managing Director of Iran Alloy Steel Company pointed out the initial capacity of 10 tons at the beginning of the establishment and noted that by identifying new export markets, by the end of last year, it has increased to over 73,000.

About the export situation of the company, he referred to the existence of the US sanctions on Iran and barriers to banking transactions and said, “In addition to exports of 38,000 tons in the nine months of this year to EU countries, Turkey and neighboring countries, exports of 12,000 tons in the last three months of the year are on the agenda.”