Ghasemi slams Hunt’s remarks as meddling in Iran’s internal affairs

MNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ghasemi has censured the “hasty”, “meddlesome” and “untrue” remarks by UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt concerning the case of Nazanin Zaghari.

In a statement on Saturday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi censured the “meddlesome” and “offensive” anti-Iran remarks made by UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, adding “regrettably, the British Foreign Secretary has made several hasty and false statements in recent days on a subject that does concern his country. His hasty and untrue remarks indicate his lack of sufficient knowledge about the issue, and is considered as an act of intervention in the domestic affairs of an independent state.”

Ghasemi advised the British diplomat to instead look at his respective government’s record in the Middle East over the past years to see how the British government’s policies and support to terrorist groups and aggressive countries have caused humanitarian crises for Middle Eastern nations.

“A look at the wretched situation of people in Yemen, Syria, Palestine, etc., from the widespread destruction, outbreak of diseases, displacement and homelessness to poverty and hunger, reveals the role of Mr. Hunt’s respective government and the measures of those countries that have purchased billions of dollars worth of weapons from the UK to wage war and spread destruction in our region,” Ghasemi added.

These governments should be ashamed of their political support to the aggressive states in Yemen and the sale of weapons of mass destruction that has caused such a massive-scale catastrophe in this country, the Iranian diplomat stressed.