Refinery saves billions by building items domestically

SHANA — Refinery No. 9 of South Pars Gas Complex has so far indigenized production and repairing of 2,350 items used in their operations, saving the country billions of rials.

According to the head of operation at the refinery, Alireza Hoghoughi, the repair of one of the valves of the Amin pump saved the refinery about Rls. 4,500 million.

Moreover, he said, equipping the converters of the MEG regeneration unit in order to prevent hydration of sour gas and freezing of gas pipelines coming from the sea, along with anti-corrosive materials, saved the refinery Rls. 14 billion in expenses, adding manufacturing and supplying parts of some of the analyzers with one-third of the normal cost, and building two ejectors in Unit 108 were also carried out in the facility by domestic experts.

He also said a number of valves in the demercaptanization unit were also built by South Pars Phase 12 experts.