Bahram Qassemi

Regional countries could not overcome challenges without Iran’s coop.

MNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said all countries in the world in practice came to the conclusion that regional countries could not have resolved enduring challenges without Iran’s help.

Ghasemi made the remarks in an interview with Mehr News correspondent on Tuesday.

Regarding Iran’s role and measures in the fight against terrorist groups and establishing peace, stability and security in the region, Ghasemi said the Islamic Republic of Iran has been described as a powerful country that, recently and over the past decades, has gone through two phenomena deemed ominous, i.e. Iraqi murderous dictator Saddam’s imposed war against Iran and terrorism.

“Iran has always fallen victim to terrorism, and fully understands the impacts of war and terrorism,” he noted.

Iran has been struggling to fight extremist and terrorist groups since they established centers to destroy peace and stability in the region; since the beginning of the crisis, including in Syria and Iraq, many countries had misconception about current developments in the region, due to their ignorance or misinformation, but Iran, given its precious experiences, had a precise prediction of the impacts and consequences of these crises, the sponsors of terrorist groups and their objectives, Ghasemi added.