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Iran: Trump’s Iraq tour violation of sovereignty

IRNA – The US President Donald Trump’s secret trip to Iraq is tantamount to breaching the country’s sovereignty and insulting the Iraqi people, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Trump’s trip was just aimed at visiting US military base in the country, Bahram Qasemi said late on Sunday, expressing hope for the White House rulers to be wiser in order to see fewer problems in the region and the world.

There were different interpretations regarding Trump’s tour to Iraq but his own explanation was also interesting that after spending 7,000 billion dollars in the Middle East, now he has taken a secret trip to Iraq without the knowledge of Iraqi people or officials, he added.

Trump has two ways, he said.

He can take the same path taken by his predecessors and spend not solely 7,000 billion dollars but many times that amount, which is going to be paid by the American people and others of course, and yet be unable to openly take a trip to a region or a country, or he can review his comments and words wisely and deliberately to assess how the future is going to take shape and what it is going to bring for the region, Qasemi said.

‘Today we are witnessing that the US can no longer stay in the region,’ he said, adding that the United States has no place in the region.

There are still some ambiguities on US approach toward Syria and even the contradictory remarks by the American officials regarding Afghanistan, he reiterated.

‘US should return home and instead of spending inappropriately in the region which will ultimately result in fostering extremism and killing of the innocent people, try to decide wisely and avoid tarnishing the prestige of the American people,’ Qasemi said.

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