Weekly report: Iran’s IRGC: US pullout from Syria sign of defeat

December 30, The Iran Project – Sayyari says US fleet in PG not to dare to strike Iran; America not leaving but escaping from Syria: Judiciary chief; Iran never sought to wipe out any country: Zarif; US presence in Syria has nothing to do with fighting ISIL at all: FM Zari; Rouhani presents Iran budget, says US sanctions to hit lives, growth; Leader prays for body of deceased Ayat. Shahroudi; Iran holds talks with Taliban in coordination with Afghan gov. says official; President says improving people’s lives ‘key goal of budget bill’; Iran slams Trump for disrespecting Iraq’s national sovereignty; US withdrawal from Syria shows death of its policies in ME: Salami; Iran’s FM decries US presence in Persian Gulf; FM: Iran never to backtrack from support for Palestine and Iranians mark 2009 rallies in support of Islamic establishment are among major headlines dominated the country’s media outlets in the past week (December 24– December 30).



Sayyari says US fleet in PG not to dare to strike Iran 

Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that due to Iran’s readiness, the United States’ naval fleet in the Persian Gulf will not dare to take any measures against the country.

Iranian, Pakistani FMs hold talks in Tehran 

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif received his Pakistani counterpart on Monday.

Amir-Abdollahian meets with Qatar’s envoy to Iran 

Iranian parliamentary official met with Qatar’s ambassador to Iran.

America not leaving but escaping from Syria: Judiciary chief The Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani has described US withdrawal from Syria as escaping forward after witnessing ISIL defeat at the hands of people and government of the war-torn country with Iran and other resistant forces’ help.

Iran never sought to wipe out any country: Zarif 

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the chaotic situation in the region results from the problematic policies pursued by Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime, rejecting allegations that Tehran’s “expansionist” policy has brought destruction to the region.

Gov’t prioritizing plans for returning economic stability 

First Vice President of Iran said that in the current situation, the government’s priority is to manage and plan to reduce the pressure from the sanctions and restore economic stability to the country.

EU should adopt practical support for JCPOA: Araqchi 

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs Abbas Araqchi said on Monday that the stands adopted by Europe with regards to Iran and the JCPOA are not enough and they should adopt practical stands to this end.

US presence in Syria has nothing to do with fighting ISIL at all: FM Zari 

Iran’s foreign minister has said the presence of the United States in Syria was illegitimate since the very beginning, adding that Turkey needs to coordinate with the Syrian government before conducting any military operation.

Iran’s senior cleric Ayatollah Shahroudi passes away 

Head of Iran’s Expediency Council, Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi, has passed away at the age of 70 after months of suffering acute ill health.

Spox says Zarif’s remarks on Israel in line with Iran’s policies

Foreign Ministry Spokesman has stressed that FM Zarif’s response to a French magazine about Israel’s annihilation is exactly in line with Iran’s policies set according to the Leader’s and Imam Khomeini’s stance.

Rouhani presents Iran budget, says US sanctions to hit lives, growth 

President Hassan Rouhani presented an annual state budget of 4,700 trillion rials ($47 bln at the free market rate) to parliament on Tuesday, saying U.S. sanctions would affect Iranians’ lives and growth but not bring the government to its knees.

Further deepening of relations with Azerbaijan important for Iran

Iranian President referred to the friendly, brotherly relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, stressing on development of comprehensive relations between Tehran and Baku for accelerating implementation of agreements between the two countries.

Top general urges closer Iran-Russia military ties 

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said the geopolitical capacities of Iran and Russia necessitate that the two countries’ armed forces develop cooperation in various military areas.

Rouhani urges measures for preventing recurrence of Azad University bus crash

President Hassan Rouhani expressed condolences over deadly bus accident at Azad University campus on Tuesday, saying the officials should fully investigate the case and adopt all measures to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

Zarif: Iran, Azerbaijan maintain highest level of bilateral political ties 

The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has hailed the high level of political relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Leader prays for body of deceased Ayat. Shahroudi

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei led mass prayers for the body of the deceased Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, in Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini, on Wednesday morning.

Iran holds talks with Afghan Taliban, says official 

Iran has held talks with the Afghan Taliban, one of the country’s top security officials said, the Tasnim news agency reported on Wednesday.

Iran holds talks with Taliban in coordination with Afghan gov.

The spokesman of the Supreme National Security Council says that Iran’s talks with the Taliban have taken place with the knowledge of the Afghan government.

Iran ready to help to Iraq reconstruction: Energy minister

Iran is ready to help to the reconstruction of Iraq, energy minister said on Wednesday.

President says improving people’s lives ‘key goal of budget bill’

President Rouhani described reforming and reinforcing economic structures essential adding, “we should follow a path in which our economy is not harmed by sanctions, pressure and conspiracies by enemies.”

Iranian general: no place for US in Middle East

A high-ranking Iranian general reminded the US of the heavy casualties it has suffered in its military campaigns in the Middle East, saying the US must leave the region.

Minister: No development likely without Iran in region

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli said no development in the region will be likely in Iran’s absence.

Iraqi president pleased with Baghdad-Tehran energy ties 

Iraqi President Barham Ahmed Salih highlighted importance of Iraq-Iran cooperation in the field of energy.

Iran slams Trump for disrespecting Iraq’s national sovereignty

Iran has lashed out at US President Donald Trump for his recent visit to Iraq, saying he ignored conventional diplomatic norms and disrespected Iraq’s national sovereignty.

Commander: Enemies greatly fear military conflict with Iran 

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Thursday that no power can think of attacking Iran, as the enemies are terribly afraid of military confrontation with Iran.

Withdrawal from Syria sign of US defeat in region: Iranian cleric

Tehran’s Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Hojatoleslam Ahmad Khatami said the US administration’s recent decision to withdraw all its forces from Syria is a clear manifestation of Washington’s defeat in the Middle East region.

Iran-Russia-Turkey summit on Syria to be held in Moscow in coming days

The leaders of the Astana trio (Russia, Turkey and Iran) will meet in Russia to discuss Syria at the beginning of 2019, Russian Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov said on Friday according to Russia Today.

US has no choice but to flee region: Iranian General

The deputy head of the Iranian Army’s Center for Strategic Studies pointed to a recent decision by the US administration to withdraw all its forces from Syria, saying that Washington has no way other than escaping from the region.

Former MoD: Islamic Revolution to resist against conspiracies stronger than before

The Head of Iran’s Supreme National Defense University (SNDU) Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said that Islamic Revolution will resist against conspiracies waged by enemies stronger than before.

Iran at cutting edge of defense technology: IRGC commander

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Lieutenant Commander Brigadier General Hossein Salami highlighted Iran’s self-sufficiency in producing military gears, saying that the Islamic Republic is at the cutting edge of defense technology.

US withdrawal from Syria shows death of its policies in ME: Salami

IRGC Deputy Commander said Saturday that the United States’ withdrawal from Syria proves the defeat and death of its strategies and policies in the region.

Iran’s FM decries US presence in Persian Gulf

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said deployment of a US aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf would create tensions in the region.

FM: Iran never to backtrack from support for Palestine

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with Secretary-General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance group Ziyad Rashid al-Nakhalah underlined that his country will continue support for the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation.

Iranians commemorate 2009 pro-establishment rally

People in Iran attended countrywide marches on Sunday to commemorate a massive rally back in 2009 in which the nation reaffirmed allegiance to the Islamic Republic and ended months of turmoil in the wake of that year’s presidential election.



Iran can bypass sanctions relying on domestic capabilities: Hatami

Iranian Defense Minister said that by relying on domestic potentials, Iran can get around the wave of sanctions which are surely ‘transient’.

New Iran budget assumes $21 billion of oil income

The state budget for the new Iranian year starting in March assumes $21 billion of oil revenues, down 28 percent from the current budget, Government spokesman Mohammad Reza Nobakht has said.

Tehran stocks get winter chill as oil keeps falling 

Tehran Stock market on Saturday capped a tumultuous three months with another substantial drop.

Iran crude vital for sustaining balance in oil trade

Iranian crude in the global market is extremely important for sustaining a balance in oil trade, says Sanjiv Singh, chairman of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Iran plans 3 million barrels of oil sale to private exporters

Iran plans to sell 3 million barrels of crude oil to private companies in the third round of sales aimed at bypassing US sanctions, Minster of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh says.


Regional Affairs

Erdogan calls Netanyahu a ‘tyrant’ as war of words heats up

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hit back at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the latter accused Turkey of invading Cyprus.

Iraqi lawmakers criticize Trump visit as blow to Iraqi sovereignty

Iraqi political and militia leaders condemned U.S. President Donald Trump’s surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq on Wednesday as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, and lawmakers said a meeting between Trump and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi was canceled due to a disagreement over venue.

UAE to reopen embassy in Syria on Thursday: Damascus

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will officially reopen its embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Thursday, the Syrian Information Ministry has announced.

Bahrain to reopen embassy in Damascus following UAE

Soon after the United Arab Emirates reopened its embassy in Syria yesterday, Bahrain announced that it will also restore its mission in the Arab country in a boost to the Syrian government.

Syrian army enters Manbij near Turkish border, raises flag

The Syrian army has entered Manbij near the Turkish border, marking the return of territories held by US-backed militants to the government fold for the first time in years, an army spokesman said Friday.



Iranian scientists produce catalysts for injection in petroleum sludge

Iranian researchers at Kermanshah oil refinery could produce different types of catalysts to be injected into the petroleum sludge, making the country as the only producer of the product in the world.

Iran has formed best startup ecosystem in ME: Sattari

Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said Mon. that Iran has formed the best startup ecosystem in the Middle East region.

Minister: Iran producing science at highest world speed

Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mansour Gholami announced on Monday that the country stands atop the world nations for its good momentum in production of science.

Death toll from Iran’s university bus crash rises to 10

At least 10 were killed as a bus carrying students overturned on Tuesday on the campus of Islamic Azad University in Tehran, Iranian Student (ISNA) news agency reported Wednesday.

Official: Iran develops technology to build experimental satellites, explorers

Head of Iran’s National Space Center Manouchehr Manteqi underlined that the country is in possession of the know-how and infrastructures to manufacture experimental satellites and explorer rockets.