Sanctions give rare opportunity to secure country’s future

MNA – The Iranian Defense Ministry has issued a statement on the anniversary of ‘Dey 9’, saying that the sanctions and economic war waged against Iran have given the country a historic opportunity to produce and increase national power.

The Iranian Ministry of Defense issued statement on Saturday ahead of the anniversary of Dey 9 (Dec. 30) Epic, which marks the anniversary of massive rallies that were held in support of the Islamic Establishment across Iranian cities back in 2009.

The statement issued by the Defense Ministry calls on the Iranians to unite under the wise Leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei to defeat the “internal and external seditionists”.

The statement also adds that the anniversary of Dey 9 Epic this year coincides with a new sedition in the form of the unjust economic sanctions and the economic war waged by enemies against the Islamic Republic and honorable Iranian nation.

The Defense Ministry, however, has declared the Islamic Republic and the great nation of Iran have grown immune to the enemies’ complicated conspiracies through insight and vigilance and huge efforts.

It adds that the forty years of history of the Islamic Republic shows that the country can overcome the economic war and sanctions and turn the challenges into a historic opportunity to increase and consolidate the country’s national power.

The statement goes on to call on the people to attend tomorrow’s nationswide rallies to thwart enemies’ seditions and conspiracies.