Commander: Enemies greatly fear military conflict with Iran

IRNA – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Thursday that no power can think of attacking Iran, as the enemies are terribly afraid of military confrontation with Iran.

Addressing a local ceremony on Thursday, he hailed sacrifices of defenders of holy shrine, saying that Iran’s dignity and might were attained with bloods of martyrs.

‘Arrogant powers have been defeated in the face of the Iranians in light of sacrifices of the martyrs,’ he said.

Attributing today’s economic problems to mismanagement, Jafari said that solving the problems requires revolutionary attitude towards the issues and following up guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Noting that US might is declining, he said that most of the analysts and statesmen have acknowledged that the Americans do not even dare to say that military option is on the table.