Iranian life expectancy increases by 25 years

IRNA – Iran’s Deputy Minister of Health pointing to the achievements of the Islamic Revolution in the field of health emphasized that over last 40 years 25 years have been added to the life expectancy of the Iranian people.

Iraj Harirchi said on Wednesday that before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the life expectancy was 50 years while among women is now 79.5 and among men is 75 percent.

According to him, life span after the victory of the Islamic Revolution has increased a quarter of a century due to access to health services.

Harirchi said that no country has grown to the extent of Human Development Index (HDI) as Iran and Iran has ranked second after South Korea.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health pointed to the development of Iranian technologies, saying that the production of science in this now has put behind many of the countries in the region and the production of most cited scientific papers reached 50,000 articles.