Iraqi PM agrees to open new border crossing with Iran

MNA – The provincial governor of Iraqi Wasit province said Mon. that Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has agreed to open a new border crossing with Iran in the province.

Iraqi governor Mohammad Jamil al-Mayahi, the governor of Wasit, announced on Monday that the Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi had given his approval to opening the Al-Shahabi-Jankalah border crossing for the purposes of trade and travel between the two countries of Iran and Iraq.

According to the Iraqi daily Al-Sabah, al-Mayahi stated that a delegation headed by him had recently visited Adil Abdul-Mahdi in his office in Baghdad, and had gained the prime minister’s approval to open the new border crossing with Iran. The border gate is supposed to connect two region of Sheikh Saad on the Iraqi side of the border with Iran’s Ilam province.

He added that the al-Shahabi border crossing will be built to support the Zarbatiyeh border crossing in Wasit province. The new border gate can provide services to more than 2,000 people every day, and has the capacity to supply services to 2 million passengers on special religious occasions.

The Wasit governor further stressed that the prime goal of opening the new border crossing is for trade and travel purposes between Iran and Iraq.