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Iran, Turkey emphasize countering illegal immigration

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IRNA – Director of Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs of the Ministry of Interior of Iran and Turkey Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management stressed on expanding cooperation and use the experiences of the two countries in confronting the phenomenon of illegal immigration.

Ali Qadamgahi met on Monday with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Ayaz while elaborating on the importance of providing services to Afghan refugees in Iran, especially in health and education sectors.

‘The international community’s contributions to the costs of foreign immigrants in Iran is very small, but our view towards this phenomenon is humanitarian, Islamic and non-economic,’ Qadamgahi said.

He added that dealing with illegal immigration is the principled policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, so that since the beginning of this year (March 21st), about 560,000 illegal immigrants have returned to their country of origin, including more than 60,000 people who were arrested before crossing the border to Turkey.

Recalling that Iran is both an immigration route and an immigration destination, he said, ‘The resolution of the Afghan crisis requires a global determination and we are ready to reach a common solution with Turkey in dealing with the phenomenon of illegal immigrants.’

Abdullah Ayaz, the Turkish official, during the meeting praised the Islamic Republic of Iran in dealing with illegal immigration before the arrival of people at the Turkish border, adding, ‘Our region is affected by the increase in immigration, and the two countries of Iran and Turkey are facing similar problems in this field.’

‘We must increase border controls with joint measures, and we believe that the main way to reduce immigration is to improve the security and livelihoods of the countries of origin, especially in Afghanistan,’ he said.

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