Iran Euro-4,5 gasoil output up 75%

SHANA – The launch of the gasoil hydro-treating unit in Bandar Abbas and Tabriz refineries has added 17 million liters to the country’s Euro-4 and 5 gasoil output which is a 75-percent leap in the item’s production capacity in Iran.

According to the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), Saeid Maddah Moravej, the director of coordination and supervision over production at NIORDC, said: “In line with the Iranian Petroleum Ministry’s environmental commitments, the hydro-treatment units at the refineries of Tabriz and Bandar Abbas have been launched to add 17 million liters to the country’s quality gasoil output which meet Euro 4 and 5 standards.”

He said with inauguration of the units, the sulfur content in the gasoil output of the refineries had dropped from 10,000 ppm to 50 ppm and in some cases even to 10 ppm which was a significant improvement in the quality of the item and a great jump in the production of high quality products, said NIORDC website.

In other news, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Mousavikhah, director of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, said the distribution of Euro 4 and 5 gasoil and gasoline had begun in Iran for a month and continued without interruption.

He said Bandar Abbas Refinery supplied 14 million liters per day of Euro 4 and 5 gasoil which was being distributed in the cities of Bandar Abbas, Chabahar, Bushehr, Kerman and Shiraz.

Furthermore, 3 million liters of the item is being produced at Tabriz Refinery and its distribution will continue in the provinces of West Azarbaijan, East Azarbaijan, Kurdistan and Ardebil, he added.