President Rouhani: Pres Erdogan stance toward US sanctions against Iran decisive

IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, before his departure to Turkey, said Turkey’s and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s positions in recent months vis-à-vis the conspiracy of the US sanctions against Iran have been good and decisive.

Before departing for Turkey on Wednesday, President Rouhani added that the visit was scheduled to take place at the invitation of the Turkish president to attend the Fifth Supreme Council for Strategic Relations of the two countries.

‘On this visit, apart from the meeting of the Supreme Council for Strategic Relations, the parties will have a joint meeting with presidents, ministers and their counterparts,’ he said.

The President of Iran said, “Turkey is of special importance to us and as a friendly country, important and influential in the region, we share a lot of cultural, historical and religious issues.’

President Rouhani stated, ‘Our neighbors, and most of them, have explicitly stated to the United States that the era of dictating policies has come to an end, and the United States is not able to prescribe thousands of kilometers away for the region and the countries relations and nations of the region.’

Rouhani said, ‘We will have bilateral, regional, global and international discussions, and will focus on the issues of economic cooperation between the two countries, such as banking, commercial, energy, oil and gas issues, which documents will be signed.’

The president also said that businessmen and tradesmen will be present and an economic conference will be held in Ankara, with presidents and private companies from two countries.

Rouhani added, ‘There is a good context for developing relations, and the two countries have been emphasizing over the past two to three years. Of course the volume of today’s relations is about $10 billion, which is a low figure and the parties emphasize to reach the volume of relations of $ 30 billion.’

He added that in the trip will be emphasized on this issue and if there are obstacles to bilateral relations, both customs and industry, will be resolved via talks.