Driving wedge in Islamic world major enemy goal: Iran cmdr

IRNA – Iran’s Border Guard Commander has said driving a wedge and creating division in the Islamic world is among the enemies’ major goals, hence preserving unity and solidarity is the country’s real need.

During the Tuesday meeting with the administrative council in the city of Taybad in Razavi Khorasan Province in northeastern Iran, Brigadier General Qassem Rezaei said, ‘In a situation where the United States and its stooges seek to isolate Islam and the Muslims, we should convey the message of Islam to the world through unity.’

He noted, ‘As our soldiers and martyrs put their lives on the line during eight years of sacred defense to elevate the Islamic system and to preserve the holy ideals of Imam Khomeini, the border guards defended the country’s borders with their heart and soul and will not take even a step back.’

If the martyrs and the wounded veterans did not sacrifice themselves to defend Iran’s borders, today we would not have stable security on the borders, he said.

General Rezaie added, ‘All the shared borders between Iran and Afghanistan are safe and the border guards are defending our lands and waters with total preparedness and authority.’

He described as good the performance of Afghan border guards during recent years and added, ‘The cooperation between the two countries on the borders has reduced the amount of drug smuggling into Iran, however interactions should be enhanced so that we no longer witness the presence of drug smugglers across shared borders.’

He went on to say Iran’s enemies should know despite all their tricks and conspiracies, they cannot cause any problem in the country.

The commander considered Iran’s security as blessing and a gift from the armed forces to the people of Iran.

‘The Iranians should be aware the armed forces’ full presence had given them the gift of social, economic and psychological security and we all have a duty to protect it,’ he stressed.

Meeting Army Ground Forces and the head of Sunni and Shia tribes from some cities in Razavi Khorasan were among plans of the Border Guard Commander’s visit to the border city of Taybad in Razavi Khorasan Province.

Razavi Khorasan is one of the eastern provinces of Iran with 300 kilometers of shared border with Afghanistan.

From time to time, Iran’s border with Afghanistan witnesses violence, mayhem, and chaos caused by border intruders from the neighboring country.