Iran FM censures Netanyahu’s boast about Israel’s ‘Offensive Power’

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized the Israeli prime minister’s boast about the regime’s “offensive power”, saying Benjamin Netanyahu’s rants about Tehran’s defensive missile program indicate apparent contractions in Tel Aviv and West’s policies.

“First, Netanyahu stands next to nuclear BOMB factory and threatens Iran with annihilation. Now, he openly boasts about his “OFFENSIVE” missiles that can reach anywhere. And he still whines about Iran’s Deterrent and DEFENSIVE missiles, and the West parrots his ‘concerns’,” Zarif said in a tweet on Tuesday.

It came after the Israeli prime minister, during a visit to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) outside of Tel Aviv on Monday, said, “They develop offensive missiles here that can reach any place in the region and any target”.

“This is the offensive power of Israel which is very important for us in all sectors,” he added.

Recently, Netanyahu threatened Iran with “atomic destruction”. In response, senior Iranian officials and military commanders fired back at him, stressing that his threats will get nowhere.

The Israeli prime minister every now and then uses the issue of Iran’s defensive missile program as a tool to incite the international community against Iran with the aim of pushing them to isolate Iran and impose sanctions against it.

This is while Tehran has always emphasized that it has no nuclear warheads and that none of its missiles have been designed to carry nuclear weapons.