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Russian analyst: Iran-Russia cooperation to increase with American animosities

IRNA- A senior analyst at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Oriental Institute said in the context of the American increasing hostilities against Iran and Russia, the cooperation between the two countries has to be increased to respond appropriately to Washington’s efforts.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic news agency (IRNA) in Moscow, Irina Feodorova said that ‘we saw American policies and practices against Russia and Iran’.

‘There is a need for closer cooperation between the two countries under such circumstances that the implementation of joint economic projects and closer cooperation in the international arena will help reduce American pressure, which will stabilize the situation not only in the Middle East region, but in the entire Asia,’ she added.

‘Moscow and Tehran must start trade in their national currencies as soon as possible, and do not allow bureaucratic barriers to delay implementation of the plan, Russia’s Oriental Institute expert said referring to the American financial and economic sanctions against Iran and Russia.

Feodorova noted, ‘Trade with national currencies and refraining from the American dollar in trade and pay deals is important, allowing the impact of the restrictions by Washington’s efforts is vanishing.’