Foreign, intelligence ministries need to pursue issues of Iranians’ traveling to Georgia

MNA – Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh said Sun. that Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Ministry need to take into account the issue of mistreatment and disrespect against Iranian tourists traveling to Georgia.

With regard to mistreatment of Tbilisi airport’s authorities towards Iranian nationals in the South Caucasian country, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament, said on Sunday that “what one should remember about this case is that some mercenary Iranians benefit from selling out the dignity of their fellow Iranians and compatriots in Georgia, and this is something that is not being taken into account.”

Falahatpisheh continued to lash out at Iranian nationals who work with foreign countries against Iran outside the country and tarnish the reputation of their fellow Iranians.

“What happened in Dubai to Iranian nationals in the past is being repeated in Georgia, and even in some other European countries such as Serbia, where nationals were offered visa cancellation,” the senior lawmaker added.

He pointed out that the disrespect for Iranian tourists in Georgia is a subject which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Intelligence should enter.

It is noteworthy that a group of Iranians that had been deported by Georgia held a rally outside its embassy in Tehran to protest the Georgian authorities and held talks with the country’s ambassador.