NPC CEO stresses commercialization of catalysts

SHANA — The CEO of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said that the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) had entered into good contracts with the industry and was taking steps towards commercialization of the catalysts it produces.

Behzad Mohammadi, who is also deputy petroleum minister for petrochemical affairs, visited the Arak Unit of PRTC and Shazand Petrochemical Company on the occasion of the Research Day, NPC reported.

During the visit, he said Shazand Petrochemical Company could be a good model for building future units in the petrochemical industry, in a bid to help stabilize the market of petrochemical items.

The official said: “In fact, the Tehran Unit of PRTC is a petrochemical research and technology center and the Arak Unit is a pilot unit and a demo plant. A great deal of work in science and research has been done in the centers in recent years, and we are witnessing its results.”

He said PRTC had entered into good contracts with the oil industry and was moving to commercialization of the technical knowledge of catalyst production.

“Furthermore, there are significant measures in the know-how of processes and chemicals taken by the company, and we hope that in the coming years, we will meet a significant part of the industry’s needs through this company.”