Non-oil transit from Iran’s Bandar Lengeh Port ups 73%

IRNA – The total amount of commodities transited from Bandar Lengeh Port 21 has reached 186,219 since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year on March 21, which indicates a 73% rise compared to the same period last year, an official said.

A total of 5,834,650 tons of goods were loaded and unloaded by the western ports of Iran’s southern province of Hormozgan during the same period, told the Director of Ports and Maritime Organization in Bandar Lengeh Qassem Askari-nasab to reporters.

Non-oil exports, mostly fruits, nuts, industrial minerals, and construction material, saw a 24% increase to reach 655,827 tons, he added.

Askari-nasab added that 79,280 cars were transited and 212,600 tons of agricultural and animal products were exported during the same period.

The western ports of Hormozgan Province also transferred 337,283 passengers to and from Iranian Islands in the Persian Gulf and 17,787 passengers to and from international destinations.