Bahram Qassemi

Tehran consulting with Tbilisi on Iranian nationals’ rights

IRNA – Iranian nationals are under the support of Iran and we are holding talks with Georgia to retain their rights, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said.

Qasemi made the remarks on Wednesday night in response to a question on Georgian government as not permitting some Iranian nationals to enter Georgia.

He expressed his surprise over Georgia behavior toward Iranian nationals.

‘We are waiting for Georgian government to respond,’ he added.

Commenting on the news regarding some protesters gathering in front of Georgian embassy in Tehran, Qasemi said, ‘I have received no information with this regard.’

Due to the fact that Iran and Georgia have had visa waiver, based on the reports some of the Iranian nationals were stopped to pass through Georgian land and air borders.

The protestors are likely a few number of those Iranians who were sent back from Georgia without no clear reason, he noted.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Qasemi referred to recent meeting with Georgian envoy to Tehran, saying the Georgia ambassador vowed to convey Tehran’s concerns to Georgian officials.

Officials in Tbilisi had expressed regret and promise to pursue the issue, he said.

Meanwhile, Iranian embassy in Georgia in a special mission is investigating for this chaos, he added.

He criticized Georgian border guards’ misbehavior toward Iranian nationals for any reason, saying Iranian government’s policy is to retain the rights of all Iranian citizens around the world.

Basically, Iran and Georgia have enjoyed good relations and both countries also signed MoU on visa waiver regime, Qasemi said extending surprise over unusual behaviors at Georgian borders.

Qasemi also sympathized with those Iranian nationals’ who suffered in that issue.

Even if a person had committed a crime, they had no rights to have such behavior, he said.

Over the last few years, Iranian tourists and investors have been regarded a valuable sources for Georgia and as reports say they made less problems for Georgia compared with nationals of other countries, he noted.

Qasemi also urged Iranians to avoid unnecessary trip to Georgia.

Earlier, Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani ruled out rumors about establishing visa requirements for the Iranian citizens wishing to travel to his country.

Rumors about visa regime forced to apply for visas to travel to Georgia are false, he said, noting that the Iranians can visit the country without obtaining visas.

Referring to some misunderstandings, he added that Georgian government is seeking to find a solution for all outstanding issues and all the problems will be settled in near future.