Iran judiciary upholds another death sentence for economic corruption

Al-Monitor – In an attempt to address economic issues and root out corruption, Iran’s judiciary has handed out another death sentence and dozens of long prison sentences for economic charges.

According to judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejei, Iran’s Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of Hamid Bagheri Darmani. He was originally arrested in 2014 and charged with “corruption on earth,” which carries the death sentence. Bagheri Darmani was accused of embezzlement at a number of Iranian companies, including at Jey Oil Refining Company, Bank Melli Iran, Iran Insurance Company and Tourism Bank.

Bagheri Darmani’s arrest was long before the latest crackdown by the judiciary to stamp out corruption in the exchange market and other general economic corruption. However, the announcement by the judiciary and headlines in Iranian media suggest it is being packaged in a manner that it is part of the judiciary’s heavy-handed measures to demonstrate that there will be little leniency with economic charges.

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