Iran’s Rouhani voices support for intra-Yemeni peace talks

Press TV – President Hassan Rouhani has expressed Iran’s support for intra-Yemeni negotiations, saying the invaders have come to the realization that making peace with the Yemeni nation is the only option available to them.

“Today, there are more signs than before of striding toward peace in Yemen,” he said at the end of a meeting of the heads of the three branches of government in Tehran on Tuesday.

President Rouhani was commenting on the ongoing UN-mediated talks in Sweden between delegations from Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement and the country’s former Saudi-backed regime.

The talks are meant to end nearly four years of a bloody Riyadh-led war, which was launched in early 2015 to reinstall Yemen’s former Saudi-friendly government.

Having failed to achieve their objectives, the aggressors have now pushed the ex-Yemeni government to attend peace talks with the Houthi movement, which has been both running state affairs and defending the country against the Saudi-led offensive.

“We have always supported intra-Yemeni talks,” said the Iranian president.

“The situation in Yemen has made those who sought to occupy the country see for themselves that making peace with Yemeni people is the only viable solution,” President Rouhani said.