Iran to decide about making Tehran smart city: Minister

IRNA- Minister of Communications and Information Technology said that it had to be wise and better decide for the city of Tehran, in addition to paying attention to the smart economy.

At the opening of the conference and the International Exhibition of Intelligent Tehran in Milad tower, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said, ‘Tehran municipality has made moves in this direction, which is very good and must appreciate them.”

“But besides, we have to see what position we are at present and what position we should take; we must first see the information, analyze and decide about them”, he added.

“The e-government has come to help people in this area,’ Azari Jahromi said. Tehran municipality has entered various fields to make them smart. It collects and processes information in a smart form, but requires better decisions. ‘We have moved to the smart city management, and we still have a way to get the key figure out.