US needs ‘puppet’ like Saudi Arabia to achieve global domination: Analyst

Press TV – Saudi Arabia has is a regional “puppet” of the United States, an American analyst says, arguing that Washington needs Riyadh as part of its grand plan for global domination.

Keith Preston, director of, made the remarks while discussing Washington’s continued support for the ongoing Saudi war against Yemen despite international outrage.

Timothy Lenderking, the deputy assistant secretary for Persian Gulf affairs in the Near East Bureau of the US Department of State, told a security forum in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday that Washington was under pressure to stop supporting the military aggression.

“There are pressures in our system … to either withdraw from the conflict or discontinue our support of the coalition, which we are strongly opposed to on the administration side,” Lenderking said, according to Reuters.

“We do believe that the support for the coalition is necessary,” he added, referring to a Saudi-led coalition—including the UAE—which has been pounding Yemeni targets since March 2015. “It sends a wrong message if we discontinue our support.”

Referring to Lenderking’s words, Preston said Washington has always sought to punish countries that opt for independence from its domination.

“The United States’ goal is to incorporate all of the world’s population into this wider neoliberal dominated global system” that emerged after Cold War, he said.

“The principle issue here is that the United States for decades now… has attempted to gradually build an international empire for itself through a network of” clients and puppets, Preston told Press TV on Sunday.

“Saudi Arabia has for decades been an important part of the American empire and in fact the Saudi government has become intertwined with the American government and the American industry,” he added.

Noting that Riyadh and Washington had a “symbiotic” relationship, Preston said the US was supporting Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen because the Middle Eastern ally had lost its own puppet regime.

Riyadh’s unprovoked war began in March 2015 with the declared goal of returning fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to power and destroying the Houthi Ansarullah Movement.

The US has been providing Riyadh with weapons and intelligence throughout the course of war, truning a blind eye on Saudi atrocities in Yemen.

The war has killed thousands of civilians and put the impoverished country on the verge of a humanitarian crisis by destroying most of its critical infrastructure. Thousands of Yemenis have already died because in cholera outbreaks.

Preston likened the Houthi movement to Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution and said Washington has always had a “vendetta” against Iran and any movement that resembles the revolution.

“Yemen is similar in the sense that there is a revolutionary struggle underway that is opposed to the Saudi puppet government and of course, Saudi Arabia is an American ally,” the analyst said.