PGCC should take Kuwait approach, avoid nonsense: Spox

IRNA – The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry pointing out that Kuwaiti Emir’s approach in recent years was largely benevolent says if this approach is accepted and operated instead of without content statements of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) secretariat, there is lower cost to the region’s nations.

In response to parts of the statement of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council’s summit in Riyadh, Bahram Qasemi expressed regret at the continuation of this council’s unproductive approach against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He said, ‘The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council seems to have been affected by the flawed and destructive policies and practices of some members, which have become a cover for expression, which is in line with miscalculations and past mistakes policy”.

Qasemi added that the PGCC could take a reasonable, independent view of its capacity on the road to clear up misunderstandings and internal and external conflicts; but it is seen that not only does it take the approach, but also praise the policy of some intra-regional countries in disgraceful terms.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry specified that the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council in practice has become a cover for the declaration of some members’ policies that contribute to the cost and name of all its members, which does not help move on the path of peace and regional stability.

Qasemi pointed out that from Iran’s point of view, the positions expressed in the final statement of the Riyadh summit are not necessarily the position of all its members, and the failure of Saudi Arabia to realize its goals at the summit can be seen in a contradiction between texts of the statement with the practical approach of some members to the Islamic Republic of Iran.