Iran receiving Iranian immigrants warmly

IRNA – Iranian ambassador to London while criticizing the negative impacts of the foreign media about the fate of Iranians who illegally immigrated and are planning to return to the Iran assured Tehran will receive them warmly.

‘Unfortunately, many opposition sites, including ‘Iran Wire’ site, insist that the range of emigrants from Iran are that of classes such as the system opposition, those who are interested in changing religion, and supporters of access to individual freedoms,’ Hamid Baeedinejad wrote a message on Twitter.

‘The misconception is also Inducing to migrants to weaken their connection with their country,’ he added. “This type of persuasion causes that if the migrants fail to obtain immigration, they would be willing to take any hard stay away from the family, but not to return to Iran because of fear and punishment.’

Baeedinejad affirmed, ‘Those who migrate are seeking a better life while interested in the country. Those who achieve the goal are respected by their own country, and those who fail to succeed can return to Iran. Opposition should not convert migration into political action and migrants into political actors.”