Time of using threat, sanctions against countries has ended: Yıldırım

MNA – Turkish Grand National Assembly Speaker said that the time of using threats and sanctions against other countries to put pressures on governments have ended.

Making the remarks on Saturday at the 2nd Speakers’ Conference in Tehran, Binali Yıldırım said that some countries are imposing sanctions and trying to create problems for those who are fighting against terrorism, while it is innocent people who are harmed by these sanctions.

Unfortunately, some countries are using terrorism as an instrument to pursue their imperialistic aims, he said, adding that they create jobs by expanding terrorism, war, and insecurity.

He went on to say that if we eliminate terrorism in our country but it continues in the neighboring states, we cannot claim victory over this problem.

He called upon increased regional cooperation on fight against terrorism and avoiding double standards regarding terrorist groups.

The 2nd Speakers’ Conference: The Challenges of Terrorism and Inter-Regional Connectivity kicked off in Tehran on Friday, with parliament speakers from Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and China in attendance. The event will wrap up today in the Iranian capital.