Israel, US back anti-Iran terrorists: Intel. chief

Press TV – Iran’s Intelligence Minister says Israel and the United States as well as some regional states support terrorists to carry out attacks against the Islamic Republic.

“The security services of the region are involved in these acts of terror. Also, by employing their policies and strategies, the Zionist regime and the US back these terrorist groups,” Mahmoud Alavi said on Saturday.

His remarks came in the wake of a bombing attack on the police headquarters in southeastern Iranian city of Chabahar that killed two people on Thursday, IRNA reported.

“In their perspective, the kind of terrorism that is in line with their purposes is not considered to be terrorism worthy of condemnation,” said the intelligence chief.

Alavi spoke in Tehran on the sidelines of a counter-terrorism conference participated by senior parliamentarians from Iran, China, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey.

He said countries need to protect their sovereignty by promoting their intelligence might in order to prevent the growth of terrorism.

Police chief warns terrorists

Also on Saturday, Iran’s Police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari asserted that the country would decisively confront the elements behind the Chabahar bombing.

He said the attacker had tried to infiltrate the facility two days ago, but failed thanks to the rapid reaction of the police.

“Enemies are trying to make the country insecure but they should know that they will not be able to affect the people and the determination of the armed forces in defending the country with these blind and desperate acts,” Ashtari added.