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ICT Min: US addicted to unilateralism, sanctions

The Caspian Innovation Conference 2018 kicked off in Baku, Azerbaijan today, with ICT ministers from Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Afghanistan attending the event.

IRNA – Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi made the remarks Wednesday addressing the Caspian Innovation Conference 2018 which is underway in Baku.

‘Unfortunately a single country is addicted to unilateral sanctions, but everybody knows who is promoting stability, and who is promoting disorder,’ Jahromi said.

‘Prerequisites are very simple: mutual respect, credibility, and willingness. I do believe every country in this region has all the three of them,’ he added.

‘We are in a very special period of the history. Industry 4 is a big revolution, innovations are fascinating and startups reveal a marvelous horizon to us.’

One imperative characteristic of this period is cooperation, and renouncement of unilateral actions.

After Iran was elected as a member of the ITU council last month, I tweeted about the importance of cooperation and empathy.

Iranian minister went on to say that ‘while our region’s roads have served for thousands of years as a bridge between East and West, today we can be a hotspot of digital connection both inside our region and with other regions of the world’.

‘Iran with goodwill has suggested the idea of creating a stronger region instead of creating hegemony.’

‘While hegemony is all about control and subordination of others, stronger region is an alternative model for equality and connectivity.’

Referring to the agreement between Iran, Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan to create a center to support startup networking events in the region, Azari Jahromi said that ‘startups are one of the important subjects in all of these countries’.

‘Last year more than 23,000 developers worked in new born Iranian startups, whereas four years ago were less than 4,000,’ he reiterated.

The 24th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications, Innovations and Technologies Exhibition ‘Bakutel-2018’ opened Tuesday. It will be wrapped up on December 7.

The exhibition is underway with the attendance of 200 companies from 20 countries.

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