78 projects will be executed in Semnan Province: President Rouhani

President.ir – Speaking in a press conference at the end of his visit to Semnan Province late on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani appreciated the people of Semnan for warmly welcoming the government, saying, “I am truly happy about the unity in this province”.

People have always supported the government, said Rouhani adding, “We have prepared next year’s budget bill and we are ready to submit it to the parliament anytime from now”.

He also referred to Student’s Day and continued, “We are always willing to serve the academics and during the term of office of this government, almost every year the ceremony has been held with great passion”.

The President went on to refer to the 27th Nationwide Prayer Conference saying, “I appreciate my old friend Mr Ghera’ati for his work in this area”.

“I am truly happy that in this visit many projects started operation and were launched. The most important thing is water and we need to pay attention to his issue”.