All MPs of Isfahan province resign in protest at Gov’t lagging in supplying water resources

FNA – All representatives of Isfahan province at the Iranian parliament resigned to protest at the government’s lack of cooperation in supplying water resources to the province which faced drought last year.

“After a meeting late last (Iranian) year (ended on March 20), among Isfahan MPs, the energy minister and the parliament speaker, they promised to allocate budget and transfer water to resolve the water problem in Isfahan,” Hossein Ali Haji Deligani, one of the lawmakers in Isfahan province, told FNA on Wednesday.

“Given the fact that no measure has been adopted and the problem still exists, Isfahan representatives at the parliament have submitted their resignation to the speaker,” he added.

Parts of Iran is suffering through drought that has sparked several protests by farmers across the country in the past month, including in towns near Isfahan.

The farmers in Isfahan have been hit specially hard and say water has been diverted from the province’s main river to neighboring Yazd Province.

Farmers are also angry because of the diversion of Zayandeh Rood’s water (Isfahan’s main river) to the neighboring provinces.

They accuse officials of mismanaging water resources.

The government has promised to pay compensation to help the struggling farmers.