UK foreign secretary in no position to warn Iran: Judiciary chief

MNA – Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani said one in Iran goes to jail because of their dual nationality, adding that the UK foreign secretary is in no position to warn branches of the Islamic Establishment.

Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with judicial officials on Monday, during which he emphasized “over the past weeks and days, the attacks on the judiciary have intensified and the enemies outside the borders are making false claims.”

Amoli Larijani added “a while ago, the British foreign secretary warned the Establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in an offensive way before traveling to Iran to refrain from imprisonment of dual nationals. Such way of dealing is similar to the colonial powers’ manner in the past centuries, but they do not care that the Islamic Republic is now different from the old puppet governments that used to get frightened by foreign powers’ warnings.”

He added that the Islamic Republic today acts independently and no country can dictate its policies.

The Judiciary chief further pointed out “officials like the UK foreign secretary are in no position to warn the Iranian government’s branches of their duties.”

Arguing that dual nationality is a legal and judicial matter without having any criminal effects per se, he added “the only reason for these heavy attacks against the judiciary is that we stand against the enemy’s infiltration attempts and mobilizing forces as well as spending millions of dollars by the Western countries to undermine the judicial authorities of the Islamic Republic simply because of this resistance against their influence.”

He further noted that  the Iranian Judiciary and the security forces deal with intruders and foreign agents without taking account their nationalists according to the law.

Amoli Larijani went on to say that the UK still owes money to Iran for the arm sales to Pahlavi regime, but, he pointed out that is a different legal case.