Sadr disappoints opponents of Iran-Iraq ties

IRNA- By repeating the American officials’ claims against Iran and resistance in Iraq, the Al Saairun alliance(Alliance Towards Reforms) led by the spiritual leadership of Seyyed Moqtada al-Sadr, in a clear reaction denied these claims and held the US responsible for it.

The British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ claimed a few days ago without mentioning any name quoted what it said security sources in London, noted that Iran would seek to eliminate the opponents of its policy by sending teams to Iraq.

While observers estimate these allegations from British media aimed at helping the American policy in applying pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the destruction of the relations between the two countries of Iraq and Iran, a representative of the Sadr alliance also sharply responded to these claims.

Abbas Alivi rejected the claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran, calling it an American attempt to disrupt the situation in Iraq.

Speaking to the Iraqi news agency Baghdad al-Youm, he pointed out that every productive and effective force in Iraq was the target of the attack and the issue of Sadr’s assassination was also a matter of the past and that it was nothing new, but it was merely American and Israeli claim, referring to the past rumors about the possibility of assassinating Sayyed Moqtada Al –Sadr.