Iran denies oil-for-food agreement between Iran and South Korea

SHANA — A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies any agreement between Tehran and Soul concerning oil-for-good deals.

“Some media outlets have been discussing Iran-South Korea oil-for-food dealings which I deny,”Bahram Ghasemi said today (Monday, December 3), in a news conference in Tehran.

According to IRNA, Ghasemi, in response to a question about a financial channel between Iran and Europe, and issues like oil for food agreements and appointment a host country for the financial channel, said: “It’s still too early to judge the issue of hosting.”

He added that there were discussions among European countries in this regard, and some countries did not have the ability to host the channel, while others expressed readiness to do so.

The spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs further added: “The US pressure on countries is serious, and this is a complex matter, but the wills seen in European countries are positive and I think they are finding ways to deploy the right mechanisms.”

“Our view is optimistic, and we hope that this will go well,” Ghasemi said, adding, “The rumor and false remarks regarding issues like oil for food are released by certain sources and are baseless.”