Investment contracts for 3 Iranian strategic ports signed

IRNA- The port and economic deputy of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran announced the signing of an investment contract for three logistically strategic Imam Khomeini, Shaheed Rajaei and Chabahar ports.

‘There will be a total of four logistical cities in the country, three of which are in the southern ports of Chabahar, Shaheed Rajaei and Imam Khomeini,’ Ali Hassanzadeh added.

He pointed out that the signing of this year’s agreements for the construction of a sugar purification plant, refining oil, producing Bioethanol Production and other industrial activities in special economic zones to attract investors to added-value activities in the country’s ports.

Hassanzadeh noted, ‘In the port of Imam Khomeini, specialized grain terminals are created, some of which will be exploited by the end of the Iranian year. Also discussion on the identity of the operator and the container terminal is on the strict agenda of Ports and Maritime Organization’.

‘In the smaller ports south of the country, the discussion of maritime transport lies on the agenda to revive their role in the marine economy and raise the amount of job creation,’ Hassanzadeh said.’