Putin reiterates support for JCPOA in G20 Summit

IRNA – Russian President Vladimir Putin reaffirmed support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) during G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Friday.

Preserving JCPOA will help prevent new wave of tensions surrounding Iran nuclear program. Therefore, all necessary measures should be taken to maintain JCPOA, he said.

US President Donald Trump withdrew from 2015 multilateral nuclear deal with Iran on May 8, arguing it did too little to constrain Tehran’s nuclear program.

He imposed two rounds of sanctions on Iran, the second of which came into force earlier in November.

The US enforced new sanctions on Tehran while the UN atomic agency had confirmed, in repeated reports, Iran’s compliance with its commitments under the deal.

Other signatories to the pact oppose Washington’s move and insist that Iran nuclear deal has to be saved.